Tech Revamps are often overworked and underpaid

One shouldn’t tech revamp, unless there is a business impact or once in every 4 years.

Tech revamps often challenging as Engineering teams doesn’t get an approval and often fail to convince the leadership team on the need for doing the tech update. Leadership team feels that “tech revamp” is going to take away the team’s bandwidth and are worried about unknown unknowns.

To help the teams, who are planning for the tech revamp and how to pitch it for your leadership team to convince and how to measure after the tech revamp, I would like to share our success story at redBus that recently happened for our Mobile…

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It’s a burning question in any technology, however, for frontend in particular, JavaScript world it is huge due to the availability of thousands of JavaScript Libraries, Frameworks and Platforms. Also, new libraries coming in a regular basis and existing technologies re-defining the standards. For e.g. MVC was very popular pattern but many of the latest libraries and frameworks doesn’t adopt MVC anymore.

Angular is often treated as ‘Platform’ due to it’s rich feature set and out of the box capabilities like Typescript support by default comes with AOT compiler, Reactive Programming using RxJs, Web components with Angular Elements, Server Side Rendering with Angular Universal, Angular CLI, Router, Angular Material, Reactive Forms, Webpack integration(along with features like Differential serving) by default and many more. …

“The world is a book and you have to travel to read all its pages.

For the nature enthusiastic traveler, the most satisfying experience is when he sets foot on the land of his dreams; he experiences heaven when he spots a musk deer in the snowy mountains or a peacock on a cloudy afternoon. …


Jagadeesh Rampam

Director of Engineering@ redBus